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Intertextile’s key Autumn / Winter 2022 / 23 fabric apparel trends revealed

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Across the globe, people and industries have experienced change like no other over the past year. As ‘new norms’ emerge and as adapting becomes essential to everyday life, the Intertextile Directions Trend Committee has established the theme of E.VOLUTION for Autumn / Winter 2022 ? 23. Four key trends will represent the theme: RESILIENCE, REFUGE, UNREASON and BOOSTER. Fairgoers can utilise the Intertextile Directions Trend Forum to discover creative and innovative fabrics that reflect the theme.

Elementi Moda

With the restrictions and challenges endured during the pandemic, the new fashion trends focus on a reconnection to nature and freedom, the approach of a new era and the urgency to shape a better future. Innovation and sustainability are key to fashion evolving and expanding, so functional, recycled and eco-friendly fabrics are essential in representing Autumn / Winter 2022 ? 23 textile trends.

The Intertextile Directions Trend Forum will display on-trend fabric samples submitted by exhibitors and is a valuable resource for buyers to scope out potential suppliers. The Intertextile Directions Trend Committee is formed by top trend forecasters from the world’s fashion capitals: Elementi Moda (Milan), Doneger Creative Services (New York), NellyRodi? Agency (Paris) and Sachiko Inoue (Tokyo).

View the full Trend Guide here.


Humans look for a more intimate connection with nature in their desire to return to a slower-paced lifestyle, fully reconnecting with their feelings and fundamental needs. We are able to concentrate on the positive aspects of things that will lend comfort to our everyday life, fostering technology, controlled craftsmanship and sustainable materials. A quiet luxury, designed to last.

Reflecting awareness, sensibility and originality, colours express a range of tinged warm beiges, cold tones and soothing coloured neutrals. Fabrics aim to enhance comfort and functionality such as natural cashmere, wovens, knits, wool fleece, stretch flannel and velvet. Technical fabrics are water repellent, antibacterial, antiviral and thermal.


The quest of escape from the chaos of city dwelling has driven us to uncover the serenity of suburban life and the stress-free countryside, offering refuge awash with greenery. In harmony with nature we find protection in the rugged rusticity, celebrating craftsmanship with frames from the street and homage to the land-art.

Sensitive natural tonalities of amber-tinged vegetable dyes act like a protective shield alongside dense forest darks. Fabrics are regenerated, recycled and developed to follow sustainability: hairy brushed weaves, herringbone textures, wool-cotton blends, tartans, tweeds and country plaid. Materials imitate nature and vegetation: blurring 3D embroideries, trompe l’oeil effects, wallpaper florals, foliage and tapestry jacquards, ombré camouflage, velvety smoothness and optical illusions.


Faced with the current distressing atmosphere, we choose to tinker our own subjective reality. Cultural clashes and sweet nostalgic flashbacks are explored in an inventive spirit, in tune with the second hand and upcycling trend. Incongruous, transgenerational and breaking free of societal norms.

A dual palette transcending time alongside retro inspired mid-tones and dense dark tonalities, along with casual inspiration from the world of denim or sport. Fabrics include denims, boiled and felted wool, schoolboy plaid, vegan leather, workwear compact cottons, distressed velvet, and patchworks and deadstock materials upcycled to avoid waste.


Freedom is the leading concept of the season. Diversified personalities emerge, enlivened by abundant individuality, celebrating playfulness and inspired by Pop Art. Technology has transcended dimensions, the digital and physical coexist, blurring beyond imagination and capturing the future.

An assorted palette of modern pastels and shocking brights, where colours mingle in an energising mood. Fabrics are diverse in texture such as jersey, fuzzy fur, terry cloth, mesh and organza. Nylon-mixes incorporate biodegradable fillers, spacer, polyamide foil, Latex and neoprene for a dynamic comfort.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics ? Autumn Edition will take place alongside Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles ? Autumn Edition, Yarn Expo Autumn, CHIC and PH Value, from 25 ? 27 August 2021 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

The fair is organised by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd; the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT; and the China Textile Information Center. For more details, please visit: https://intertextile-shanghai-apparel-fabrics autumn.hk.messefrankfurt.com/shanghai/en.html

To find out more about all Messe Frankfurt textile fairs worldwide, please visit: www.texpertise-network.com.